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Tetsuro Nariyama - 9th Dan
21st November 1947
Tetsuro Nariyama was born in Yamadera, an area of Yamagata City, Yamagata prefecture. He is the eldest son of Hachiro and Chiyo. He went to the local primary and junior schools before going to the prefectural high school in Yamagata where he became a member of the judo club. He saw the judo competition in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo and set his sights on becoming an Olympic judo player.

1966 - He entered the Kokushikan University Law Faculty and joined the aikido club. It was here that he had his fateful encounter with Kenji Tomiki that determined his future.
1968 - As captain of Kokushikan University Aikido club he acted as Tomiki's uke at a committee meeting in preparation for the inauguration of the Japan Budo Society. In October of the following year at Momoyama Gakuin University in Osaka he introduced and taught the aikido randori system to students from six universities in the Kansai area.
1970 - After graduating in March he was sent by Tomiki to Osaka to spread competitive aikido. While instructing students in the randori system he was studying seriously as a full-time assistant to the head of the Osaka Aikikai, Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan. On 27th August, at the 1st Japan Budo Festival held in the Expo Park in Senri, Osaka he gave a demonstration. On 3rd November, the 1st All Japan Students Aikido Tournament was held at the Okubo Sports Hall in Tokyo.
1972 - He gave a demonstration at the 2nd Japan Budo Festival in the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo on 25th of November. This was a historic event with groups led by Kisshomaru Ueshiba (2nd Head of Aikikai), Gozo Shioda (Head of Yoshinkan) and Kenji Tomiki (Head of the Japan Aikido Association) together in the same building.
1973 - He was part of a group led by Tomiki which went to Taiwan. They gave demonstrations in police and military academies and received a very warm reception from the Supreme Commander of the Taiwanese armed forces.
1976 - On 1st March Nariyama became the full-time instructor at Shodokan, the Kansai headquarters of the Japan Aikido Association. On 28th March, with the assistance of Masaharu Uchiyama (then Vice-Chairman of the J.A.A.), Tomiki opened his central dojo in Showacho, Osaka called Shodokan. On 26th September, Nariyama won the men's individual randori competition at the 4th Kanto Aikido Tournament in Waseda University, Tokyo.
1977 - On 21st March, to mark the first anniversary of Shodokan, the 1st All Japan Aikido Tournament was held in the Osaka Municipal Budokan in the grounds of Osaka Castle. Kujiraoka Sensei, Jigoro Kano's favourite pupil, later said that it was "tremendously impressive". Nariyama won both the black belt enbu and the men's individual randori events.
1982 - In accordance with Tomiki's wishes, Nariyama began teaching overseas.
1985 - He became a visiting lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Kokushikan University.
1989 - On 16th June, as a result of his many years of instruction overseas, the 1st International Aikido Tournament was held at Tenri University in Nara. Competitors from 20 clubs in 10 countries from around the world participated.
1992 - On 1st April he became a visiting lecturer in the Physical Education Department at Waseda University.
1995 - On 18th October he became a visiting lecturer at the Police Academy at the Osaka Municipal Police Headquarters.
1997 - On 6th May a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Shodokan took place at the Nikko Hotel in Osaka. Many instructors and visitors attended. In addition, a commemorative book was published to mark the event.

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