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Kenji Tomiki Shihan - 9th Dan
1900 On March 15 was born in Kakunodate, Akita prefecture
1906 Entered a Judo school of the town
1910 Entered Yokote Junior High School
1919 Received 1st Dan in Judo
1922 Entered preparatory course at Waseda University and joined the judo club
1926 Met Morihei Ueshiba
1927 Attained 5th dan in Judo; Married Shigeko Naba (who died from an illness in 1942)
1929 Entered a judo match held in the presence of the emperor
1931 Started to teach at Kakunodate junior high school; Met Hideo Oba
1936 Left Japan for Daido Gakuin in Manchuria
1938 Assistant professor at Kenkoku University in Manchuria
1940 Received 8th dan in Aikido from Morihei Ueshiba (the first person to receive the highest degree from Master Ueshiba)
1941 Professor at Kenkoku University in Manchuria
1943 Marriage to Fusae Yanagi
1945 Interned in Siberia
1948 Returned to Japan
1949 Part-time teacher at Waseda University; Full-time secretary of Kodokan
1951 Full-time teacher at Waseda University; Shihan of the Waseda Judo Club
1953 Visited the United States as a member of a judo mission
1954 Became a professor at Waseda University
1956 Published "Judo and Aikido" in English
1958 Set up an Aikido club at Waseda University
1969 Received 8th dan in judo
1970 Retired from Waseda University; The First All Japan Student Aikido Tournament
1974 Established the Japan Aikido Association and became the first chairman of the JAA
1975 Became the vice chairman of Nihon Budo Gakkai
1976 Shodokan was founded on March 28. He became the head of it
1978 He visited Imabari city
1979 Passed away on Christmas Day
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